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About me

My name is Henrik, I am 19 years old and live in SkellefteƄ in the north of Sweden.


I've been interested in creating and fixing things my whole life, I've built things as beds, tables, various machines, modified cars, bicycles etc. So I've tried out a bunch of things


The reason why I built my first guitar was that I was really getting in to guitar playing and one day I sat in my couch looking at one of my guitars and thought, well I could totally build one of these. And so when it was time for my graduation project at school, I thought well why not build a guitar. So thats exactly what I did.

And after making that first one guitar I realised that this is something I would really like to continue doing.

My dream

My big dream is to one day own a big workshop (I'm currently building my guitars in my grandpas small woodshop) with a staff of a couple of master luthiers and be able to keep on building peoples dream instruments.


What I strive for as a instrument maker.

Is to look at an instrument I buildt for you 10 years ago and see that the lacuer and the frets are worn down to zero from all the thousand hours of playing but even despite that, its your first choise when picking up an instrument.

Thats when I will know that I really succeded in building the perfect instrument for you.



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